This is a journal entry of mine.  A class I attend requires that I write my journal daily and present it to the teacher.  This is for Feb 11, 2011 (Fri) … You can see how disorganized I have been these days. I am going through some metamorphosis these days and I’m hoping things turn out well.

Today was supposed to work with a perfect predetermined plan but things went astray because I had turned the alarm off and went back to sleep in the morning.  Consequences were: I got to class half an hour late and got the last warning for being despicably late and all my other plans got disjointed.  I should pay more mind to the sound of the alarm.  It was not that I had not had enough sleep for the night but I was too lazy to get up then.  I had to rush to class by taxi and without lunch.

Class was over at 2:00pm and the AC party where I was performing a song was scheduled to start at 3:00pm sharp.  I had to rush further to get back home, have lunch, take a shower and run to AC.  The AC party started late fortunately and it had been expected to start late waiting for people to arrive.  I had imagined it as a party on the lawn but turned out to be inside the CBH.  I went on stage as the second program.

Although I am doing fine with my singing when I am alone or with familiar people, I still have some trouble maintaining composure on stage.  It becomes very clear when I belt; the voice does not go up high and clear, but it gets blurry and without adequate confidence.  I saw the girl who won the AC Idol perform; she was not much of a singer but was a great performer on stage and everybody loved her.  I also got applauded, of course, since there was a huge audience in a compact hall.  An AC teacher called me “the famous Deline” and I felt really proud that I still have this “popular” status which I held all the way back in middle and high school.

The role play was particularly amusing.  It was about a philosopher in search of the definition of love.  It parodied ancient epic love stories and voicing on LGBT love.  The actor who played the main character was a natural actor, a comedian.

The party turned out to be some fancy show sadly.  Professional singers were invited and student singers had to wait till their performances were over to get on stage.  Students should have been given more priority, since this was a student-organized event for students.  Although the party holders had sold tickets, there was not enough food and drinks for everyone.  I did not get any drinks, just some sandwich with no taste.

I got home late – around 8:00pm.  Thanks goodness, the day was not tiring.

NOTE: The class mentioned in the post is the class in which I have to submit my journal entries.  It was really a nightmare to see the teacher’s countenance thenHopefully, I am reaching some equilibrium in my time management because of an assignment given that day.  I just submitted this entry this afternoon.