Humans are not meant to fly with their own wings and we all wonder why and what if.

Can we humans fly?  The answer is a big YES, but it is not actually so.  We are just making things float in the air and riding the wind with their help.  We can’t fly, we are not meant to.  Our bodies don’t allow us the capability of flight.  The reason, to most of us, is: we don’t have wings.  What if we did?  What would they look like – the a bird’s with feathers, like a bat’s with skin and bones, like insects’ (wings of a butterfly, wings of a dragonfly or wings of a bumblebee)?

Suppose all of mankind had wings … Suppose all humans developed wings as we evolved to be Homo sapiens.  What would life be like?

Civilizations would probably have emerged in history since the becoming of Homo sapiens is characterized by gain in intelligence.  However, we would more likely be in clans rather than cities or nations.  And we couldn’t have reached this far in history.  The pair of wings would make a lot of things different in our lives.  Transportation by air would have been convenient in the first place, so possibly we wouldn’t be inventing wheels or transportation devices that employ wheels.  Humans would still like ease, so they would be inventing and renovating such things like “wing-flappers” or enslaving large but dumb flying animals.  With an over-reliance on the wings, we would eventually lose our legs or keep shot ones if we did need to stand on them.  No leg or dysfunctional legs mean more work for the hand that is now used for holding, handling and which has made humans so able among mammals.  We would be using the hands for more purposes than we are now – they could also become balancing appendages in walking.  One thing for sure, to be fit for survival, we would have to let go of the loveable looks of those angels in Michelangelo paintings – we won’t be in God’s form anymore and we can’t look like God’s angels.

Winged girl

Everybody fancies a pair of wings but modern man can’t look like this if they had wings.

Our shelters would be treetops and caves or niches in high places rather than the ground which not only puts us in the danger of lurking predators but has also us a lot of things throughout history.  The safety of high places could eliminate the need for fire – no fire, no nothing!  Since we would have left the ground for the sky, there would be a late discovery of agriculture and we would have learnt to settle down later thus.  However, there would be a lot of hunting – for food and all kinds of prey.  We would definitely rule out every other flying being from rising above us, just like we got to the top of the food chain.  Due to a late discovery of agriculture and settlements, there would be little architecture or technology and we would not be sent to school for education.  No need to study, hooray!  As a downturn, this could cause our brains to atrophy but I believe we could stay smarter than whales and dolphins or chimps and orang-utans, i.e. we would still be the intelligent life form.

One thing about wings is there would be more room in us for ego, pride, arrogance and discrimination.  Humans would get obsessed with their wings as wings are part of their looks.  We would be proud of our wings if they’re good-looking and discriminate and be arrogant to others who don’t have perfect wings or have flying disabilities.  That’s just an inevitable fraction of human nature!

It sure wouldn’t be a pretty sight if all of us – every human – had wings.  And it is not a good idea to stand out among others as the one and only “winged-man”; novelty (mutation) leads to discrimination – like in the X-men movies.  So, I’d rather walk on my own two feet and never wish for wings.  If I want to fly away, I’d get on an aeroplane.