This is a very intriguing mathametical riddle that my teacher gave me.  He says he found if in an American text book.

Two long-lost friends, A and B, meet one day on a street.

A: I am married and have 3 children now.

B: Tell me how old they are.

A: The product of their ages is 36 and the sum is your house number.

(B thinks for a while.)

B: Still don’t know … Gimme one more hint.

A: The youngest likes chocolate.

B: Ah, I konw!  They are …

How did B find out the children’s ages?  And how old are the children?  Here’s a hint for you: two of the children are twins or are of the same age.


Think, think, think of evey possible thing!

I’ll post the answer as a comment, but perhaps you can figure this out on your own.  This is indeed a very beautiful riddle or whatever if may be called!