1. Céline Dion This French diva from Canada is my all-time favourite artist.  She can sing in all colours of both Anglophone and Francophone music and versatile tones – from classical to rock – with sweet romantic voice.  Besides her artistry, her friendly personality and cheery disposition also make a great impression on my personal life.  Her husband (who is also her manager) says her voice counts only 20% for her success but her personality contributes to the rest of the percentage!

–        She is a soprano with a vocal range of 3.4 octaves from B2 to E6.
–        My favourite album of hers is the Anglophone album ‘A New Day Has Come’.
–        My favourite song of hers is the classic ballad ‘My Heart Will Go On’ – love theme from the movie ‘Titanic’.

Céline Dion

"Coz you're my lady, and I am your fan ..."

2. ABBA The 4 performers of this 2-couple pop group really knows how to groove. Their allegro rhythms, soothing melodies, highly advanced piano arpeggios and the simple words composed by the male performers can move me indeed.  Also, the strong vocals of the two female performers, accompanied by the bouncing music, raise my spirits up and make me want to sing my heart out.  They inspire me a lot through both their vocal and instrumental performance.

–        I don’t have a definite favourite album of theirs.
–        My favourite song of theirs is the disco pop song ‘Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie (A Man after Midnight)’.

3. Michael Jackson He is entitled the ‘The King of Pop’ but I’d like to call him ‘The Emperor of Music’ or ‘The Grandfather of Every Contemporary Music’.  I admire him mainly as a performer – for his androgynous but unique vocal displays, avant-garde and eye-catching dance moves and – of course – for his strong, passionate creativity and vision.  Although he is no more, he is believed by everyone to linger in the history of music and in the hearts of his fans.  He came up with new ideas and pathways for music and entertainment and totally revolutionized music videos and live concerts.  Being able to cope with many genres of music, he was the idol and role model for many artists – some of whom are in this list – influencing their artistic creations and performances. He made a great impact on many genres of music, but why didn’t he touch country music?  Anyhow, such an all-rounded versatile artist is to live only once in this whole world.

–        He was a boy-soprano and had an androgynous tenor voice with a 3.6 octave range from E2 to B5.
–        My favourite album of his is ‘Number Ones’.
–        My favourite song of his is the rock song ‘Beat It’ which sings against gang violence.

4. Whitney Houston She is an African-American diva popular for her movie soundtrack albums.  She is good with all areas of music, especially with soul, R&B, jazz and gospel songs.  Her powerful voice enables her to move my heart with great force.  She is (to me) the female version of Michael Jackson in making music videos and also has substantial impact on today’s R&B artists.

–        She is an ex-soprano who is now a mezzo-soprano and has a vocal range of 3.3 octaves form A2 to C#6.
–        My favourite album of hers is her ‘Greatest Hits’ album with 4 new songs and several remixes.
–        My favourite song of hers is ‘I Will Always Love You’ – the original soundtrack from the movie ‘The Bodyguard’.

5. Sarah Brightman This British diva is unquestionably the “Queen of Operatic Pop and Classical Crossover”.  She can combine classical, pop, rock and other forms of music with her soft and sweet vocal and musical skills.  Moreover, she is also a skilful dancer and has played remarkable roles on Broadway … but I don’t know much about that.  She has collaborated with many artists who specialize in different kinds of music.  She is one of a kind.

–        She is a soprano and has a vocal range of 3.5 octaves form B2 to F6.  (I’m not sure about the lowest note.)
–        My favourite album of hers is ‘Harem’ which features great Middle-eastern music influenced by pop and dance styles.
–        My favourite song of hers is ‘Question of Honour’ – the official song of the championship boxing between Henry Maske and Graciano Rocchigiani – which takes the first verse form the Alfred Cantalani opera “La Wally”.

6. Christina Aguilera This lady has a great sense for pop, soul and blues.  She has always been regarded as ‘the girl with the big voice’.  I’d frankly like to call her voice a fierce one which can feature various emotions from aggression and regret to romance, etc. Some say her voice is sexy but I don’t get it.  One thing special about her is that she pays much respect and credit for her works to those who have influenced her artistry.  She is a visionary and inspirational artist, and is the creative director in most of her music videos and concerts.  For taking time to compose music, her creations usually show genuine originality though there is much gap between them.

–        She is a soprano with a vocal range of 4 octaves from C3 to C7.
–        My favourite album of hers is her 2-disc album ‘Back to Basics’.
–        My favourite song of hers duet with Ricky Martin ‘Nobody Wants to Be Lonely’.

7. Boney M All 5 artists of this disco group are the ones who triggered my interest and passion in music and dancing.  Their disco music is closer to rock and Latin rather than pop and dance.  The songs hold simple melodies and simple words but strong beat with loud bass, drums and percussion; I call their music “alternative disco”.  The singing of the 3 male performers is supported by the bass vocals of the male performers and his awkward yet attractive dance moves.

–        I don’t have a definite favourite album of theirs.
–        My favourite song of theirs is ‘Rasputin’.

8. Leona Lewis She has the ability to captivate me in her music.  Her voice holds great attraction, though not very sweet.  The lyrics of her songs are especially visual and features strong emotions, and her music, which is usually pop or R&B, goes in perfect match with her powerful mezzo-soprano voice.  Despite words she sings and her remarkable voice being of stellar grade, the melodies and musical arrangements seem to be almost mediocre.

–        She is a mezzo-soprano with a vocal range of 3.2 octaves from D3 to Eb6.
–        My favourite album of hers is her debut album ‘Spirit’.
–        My favourite song of hers is Bleeding Love’.

9. Carrie Underwood She has stolen this place on this list from Shania Twain.  She has greatly impressed me with her pure country music.  Her music involves authentic country rhythms, flamboyant vocal displays and jazzy country electronic instrumental plays.  Also, she can rock very well with her country music.  The words used in her songs reveal her keen faith in God.  She is a special female country artist like no other.

–        She is an alto whose vocal range I don’t know.  (Some say she can belt a G5 but … I don’t buy it.)
–        My favourite album of hers is ‘Carnival Ride’.
–        My favourite song of hers is ‘Flat on the floor’.

10. Mariah Carey I admire her vocal versatility.  Her thrilling voice spans a remarkable range of 5 octaves, and she uses her head voice properly as whistle ringers.  Her song-writing skills and other musical capabilities add on to her vocal abilities.  She is unquestionably the “Queen of R&B”.  But one should wonder … “Why is she at the bottom of my favourite 10?”  Well, at least, she is still one of my favourites.
–        She is an incredible alto with a vocal range of 5 octaves from A2 to Ab7.
–        My favourite album of hers is ‘E =mc2.
–        My favourite song of hers is ‘We belong together’.

NOTE: You will see only one male artist here because I listen to female singers more.  So what?  I’m a guy and I am more attracted to female voices!  And my list continues in the poll.  Please vote and leave comments …