A lunatic asylum was noisy with the patients shouting a certain number.  They were saying, “37 … 37 … 37 …!”

A doctor, being annoyed, turned to the patients and asked, “Why is the reason that you all are yelling that number, 37?”

In unison, the patients pointed at the floor above.  And so, the doctor went up the stairs to find out.  There on the nest floor, he found the patients shouting the same number as well.  He asked the same question.  The patients gave the same reply by pointing at the next floor.  Then, he went up the stairs again to the next level.  This way, he climbed to the 4th level to find all the patients in each floor shouting, “37 … 37 … 37 …!”

When the doctor had reached the top level –which is the 4th – and had asked the patients his questions, one of the patients pointed out the window at something on the grown.  Finally, he was getting something.  He bent over to look down the stairs.  Suddenly, the patients standing near him grabbed him and threw him down the windows.

And then they all cried, “38 … 38 … 38 …!”

NOTE: I translated this form Burmese into English so there might be some odd language usages in it.