I guess everyone can remember me speaking of my plans to graduate in America.  I’m on that quest now.  And this is a little something that happened after I left home to fulfill my destiny.

PROLOGUE: I am now in Yangon – I’ve been here for more than a fortnight.  I came here inevitably because all the things I need to do to get to the USA can be done only here, in this big city.  I’m living with my grandfather (86 years old) and my two aunts – both spinsters – but, fortunately, not in an apartment!  I have almost no problems with them because it is kind of homey in this house with close relatives and home is where you make it.  However, nobody can ever be like your family – your real family with your father, your mother and brothers and sisters.  I never feel homesick but a little something that happened a certain morning made me miss my family so much…

STORY (1) – Banana Allergy:

I AM ALLERGIC TO “BANANAS” – it sounds funny but I am!  It hasn’t been long since I found that out; it has been like only six months and I seldom eat fruits.  I am allergic especially to raw banana and anything that retains the original characteristics of bananas.  Whenever I eat raw bananas like most people do, I have an uncomfortable itch in my throat, get weird on the tongue, start having a stomach ache and the next thing that happens is … “vomiting”.  And I feel awful for about half of the whole day.  But nothing happens to me when I eat bananas that are fried, steamed or cooked in a certain way!


Bananas are now CHEEKY things for me!

One morning – some days after I arrived in Yangon and started living with my aunts and my grandpa – I happened to eat a banana after breakfast.  It was not a raw banana; it was grilled or barbecued (I don’t know which is the correct word).  My main course for breakfast was porridge.  And on the table was that tempting banana beckoning that it will taste great by its sweet smell.  When I was almost done with my breakfast, one of my aunts – not knowing about my allergy – said to me pointing at the banana, “You can eat it if you want to …”

And so, I went for it … and it tasted really good like I had expected it to.

Almost a quarter of an hour has passed when I started to feel uncomfortable on my tongue.  This feeling went down my throat as an awful itch.  Then, in a while, I had to rush to my bedroom upstairs for the toilet – my breakfast was about to come out of my mouth.  And it did … how disgusting! )= Since nobody knew what was happening to me, I had to finish the business myself.

When the whole thing was over, I went downstairs to recount the story to my aunts.  They just listened, said no particular thing, gave me two tablets of medicine and sent me off to rest in bed.  Lying in bed, I started to wonder what my father and mother would have done if this whole incidence happened at home.

I knew the answer…

We have a small family with four members and live in a small house.  And each knew what the others were up to and what was happening to the others.  Moreover, my parents were doting ones.  As soon as they see me run to the bathroom, my father or my mother would come and ask me what was wrong.  And when they find out, they would give me a massage on the back and shoulders to make things more comfortable.  They would give me water afterwards.  They would also bring me pills to take and take me to bed personally.  And one of them would lie down with me to talk.

STORY (2) – The Cold & the Fever:

Today, I find myself having a fever.  I had been sleeping with only a T-shirt and short pants on lately.  It all started the other night when the air conditioner in my room stopped working.  I went to sleep in one of my aunts’ room where the temperature was really low because of the air-con there.  I didn’t take my blanket or any warm clothing.  I could have changed the temperature setting of the air-con but I was too lazy to do that and it as 2:30 in the morning.

The thing that happened to me the next morning was a sore throat and a running nose; I had caught a cold.  And yet I went swimming to discover that I couldn’t sing in the shower anymore because of the pain in the throat.  Pity!  And I walked for quite a distance in the downtown area with which I am not familiar looking for a place.  I got tired at night … and now I’ve got a fever – not very high temperature though!

So what’s the big deal with having a fever?  No one will know … but I live in a house where you are scolded for catching a cold or having a fever.  I kept the cold a secret yesterday and tried to rest myself.  Today the secret had to be exposed – I needed medication and rest.  I couldn’t go swimming or to any place anymore.  Fortunately, the aunt who usually does the yelling at to the ones who don’t feel well is also feeling under the weather.  So it’s a “good-for-me”, “bad-for-her” thing!

My aunts seem to take care of me – they give me medicine and tell me to rest.  But their kind of care is nothing compared to that of my parents.  Besides their parental love and care, they both are really good doctors.  Their medication works better for me than any other.  I would be feeling well by now were I at home.  Here not all the pills to take have been bought yet.  Moreover, there’s no doctor.

All I can do is stay in bed and rest till I get better.  But I managed to type this whole post! (=

EPILOGUE: There is not as much love and care for me as I used to have back at home.  Madonna is right; The only thing you can depend on is “your family”.  I now have a new and different immediate family.  I have to do new things I have never done before and I have to cope with everything – the new things and the new people.  I may sound a bit verbose but I used to live my life with the best kind of parents there possibly is.  This might appear as a weakness for me to others, but I take it as a strength.  And I even hope every child on earth can live with parents like mine because every child deserves to.  But for now, I have to get back to bed to rest … and I should definitely avoid “Bananas”.