Claude Sawyer was an engineer who often travelled from Melbourne in Australia to London, via Durban in South Africa by ship.

In October 1909, he was travelling on a new ship which was launched only a year ago in Scotland.  Her name was “Waratah”.  On the way to Durban, he had the same dream every night.  In his dream, he was out on deck to get fresh air and he was watching the sea.  There were no big waves as it was a calm night.  While he was watching, the sea parted and out of it appeared a medieval knight with a sword wearing an amour stained with blood.  He raised his sword and murmured one word – “Waratah”.

He told some of his some of companions about his dream but no one took it serious, just listening to a story.  They thought he was superstitious about the dream.  When the ship arrived in Durban, he left the Waratah and looked for another to take him the rest of his voyage.  He also telegrammed to his wife about that.

Although he left the Waratah, he still had nightmares.  They became more horrific than the ones before.  In his dream, he saw huge waves hitting the Waratah and pressing her down.  At last, she turned over and disappeared under the sea.

He thought it was a bad omen for the future.  So the next day, he rushed to the offices of Union Shipping Line, which owned the Waratah, and told them the full story of his dream.  They listened and noted everything he said but it didn’t concern them.

600 miles away from Cape Town, two ships reported seeing the Waratah continuing the rest of her journey.  She had been to arrive in Cape Town on the 29th October but it didn’t appear.  At first no one was worried as very few ships carried radios and there were many delays on account of the bad weather.  Some days later, the authorities of the shipping line became very concerned and sent out ships to look for the lost Waratah and her 200 passengers.  In spite of their careful search, nothing was found.  In February 1911, the company declared that the Waratah “capsized in an exceptional gale”. In fact, no one knows the statement was true or false.

Where did the Waratah go?

Where did the Waratah go?

Since then, many people were assured that they have seen the Waratah.  In 1952, a South African Air Force Pilot reported seeing a ship lying on the sea bed in clear water.  Although, the area was searched once more, nothing was found.  So the mystery remains unsolved to this day.  No one knows how and why the Waratah and her passengers disappear and Claude Sawyer’s nightmares and prophecies contain.