I sought for what would suit me best; I thought long and hard about things.  And finally, I believe I have found a solution to my novel wants and needs.

Well, I have been different from most of my peers all my life.  While the others were in the playground during recess at school, I was sitting in class sketching pictures.  When my friends started to enjoy doing sports and play games, I picked up writing stuff – true stories based on experience and fictional ones imagined.  At the age when guys started writing love letters, I composing songs about their stories – the music on the keys of the piano and the words on scraps of paper.  I have found myself to be different from everyone around whom my world revolves – I took keen interest in things which most people found difficult to do or understand.  And as a career in life, I wanted to be something special.

After the Matriculation, I began to take into consideration the factors concerning my tertiary education – which school I should attend, what major I should specialize in, what career or profession I am pursuing after graduation.  My score in the exam is 513 in total, including 81 marks in English and 98 in Physic; I was eligible for any kind of education in Myanmar.  Both my parents are doctors and a lot of people would want me to be a doctor as well.  It has been a bit of a disappointment to them that I took no interest whatsoever in medicine.  The medical university in Myanmar is reputed as the best school in the Nation, and many students take great pride in being able to attend the school.

I have a good mind to have a job, a career or a profession which would involve my interests and in which I could apply my talents.  I went through the list of institutes, universities and colleges I could attend in the country.  Disappointingly, none was able to make an impression on me.  All I had in mind was to sing, dance and perform my musical and artistic creations.  But then, I realized that none of my hobbies have been really passionate or stable.  I don’t have anything as specific or definite interest, and I haven’t found yet where my true talents lie.  I needed to think long and hard about drawing detailed plans for my further education.

In retrospect of the pastimes and leisure activities I have done in my life, I could draw some conclusions.  I don’t have anything as specific or definite interest, and I haven’t found yet where my true talents lie.  Everything I have enjoyed doing has been on the basis of creation and presentation.  Then, I had a thought that I could study subjects related to media and arts.  However, since the value more than anything else in life is “appreciation”, I came to take keener interest in visual and performing arts.  My other interests include things like multimedia studies, broadcasting, design and architecture, English literature, etc.  I later found out that I would have to go overseas in order to study properly what I had intentions to study.

Thus, I picked up preparatory classes for the TOEFL and the IELTS.  Afterwards, I started to expand my knowledge on the higher education systems of foreign countries.  I was having much difficulty deciding where to go for the studies.  One day, I unexpectedly ran into an article mentioning the “liberal arts education system” available only in the United States.  This system offers undergraduate courses of study that reflect a complex mixture of educational objectives – a wide range of arts and science programmes that does not require specialization till the beginning of the 3rd year of college .  The term “liberal arts” refers broadly to all undergraduate studies in the arts and sciences – which include such subjects as arts, literature, history, and different forms of science. Liberal arts studies generally are distinguished from pre-vocational or pre-professional studies.

An almost immediate thought came to my mind that if I became part of this education system, I could discover myself and my genuine potential via the general studies before I turn 18 or 19, the time by which I am bound to be more mature and stable.  After I had had a series of discussions with my parents, a decision was made that I will be studying at a liberal arts college in the States.

However, the decision made cannot be immediately transited into action as I was not yet ready for it and it would be possible after a certain length of time.  There are preparations to be made, trainings to be taken, schedules to be drawn and so on.  So, first of all, I figured out what steps I am supposed to take and drew schedules and deadlines for myself.  I will be taking the TOEFL, the SAT and a pre-collegiate programme while continuing my musical lessons on the piano and going swimming to get physical exercise.

I have drawn plans and made arrangements according to which I will be in a liberal arts school of America by the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012.